I'm a Celebrity to be this year's Big Event

By naomolafpro, Tuesday, 27th March 2018 | 0 comments

First it was Strictly, then it was the Kube, last Year it was Lip Sync but our hard wordworking fund-raising committee has decided on I'm a Celebrity.... for 2018.  With Saturday, 21 April set as the date, the committee is now starting the hard work of staging the performance.  Barry Nestor ( is the main man and as as usual he has a great committee working with him.  So come on board and join in.  It is very enjoyable and the funds it raises are much needed in moving the club forward.  This will be a high profile and much publicised event and the committee is offering the opportunity for a headline sponsor to undertake sponsorship of the event.  So, give Barry a shout if you are interested and he will give you the details!!!!