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For up-to-date details on the Naomh Olaf Junior Academies 2021, please contact:

  • Boys Academy - Eoin Ryan (087) 902 3887;
  • Girls Academy - Keith Fitzsimons (086) 386 6644;
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The lifeblood of any sporting organisation is its youth.

The Naomh Olaf Academy is where the youngest members of the club begin to learn the basic elements of camogie, hurling and football.

Organised in a fun environment and intended to be as much a social occasion for young children and their parents as well as a setting for developing the skills of future players, the Naomh Olaf Academy is currently catering for children aged 4-7 years old.

Academy Benefits
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  • Get regular supervised exercise in a safe and enjoyable environment.  
  • Make new friends and have fun learning new skills.
  • Develop important social skills through team play. 
  • Learn Hurling/Football for boys, and Camogie/Ladies Football for girls.
  • Play games & blitzes allowing you to test your new skills in a match situation.

Boys Academy

Girls Academy

Annual Academy Fees
  • Covers a full year of training and organised games
  • No additional costs
  • All equipment provided including Hurleys, Helmets, Footballs
  • Dedicated, fully-trained mentors.



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