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Sustaining Our Club, our Ecosystem, and Ourselves.

Naomh Olaf Sustainability Mission
Naomh Ólaf GAA Club Sustainability & Green Strategy
Aerial Photo of Naomh Olaf GAA Club

While our primary focus will always be keeping our children participating in and enjoying GAA games

What about the arena in which our games are played?
  • the greenspace surroundings
  • the grass pitches upon which we play, mentor and watch our games
  • our clubhouse and facilities

To help improve our playing environment the Club’s Executive have committed to improve the local eco-system & biodiversity, committing where feasible to our Green Charter addressing the club’s facilities and our playing pitches. Croke Park have already led the way on this.

If we can move towards this charter for our club then it can be an example for other GAA and sports clubs across the country and ‘’Ólaf us together’’ we can help make a real difference to help our environment and the community we live in and represent.

We have commissioned a biodiversity audit of our club’s surroundings and pitches. We have already installed 3 beehives on the roof of the club, all of which have been sponsored. They were sourced by Club stalwart and ‘Master Beekeeper’ Pat Kavanagh. They help boost biodiversity in both the Club and community environment. The honey that the Olaf's bees produce will be used by The Juice Boxx to make their healthy, cold pressed juices. We are also looking at hosting Insect hotels on our grounds.


A rare breed of geese visit and land on our pitches at certain times of the year. We will look to reduce, and where feasible, to move away from chemical fertilisers to more organic spreadable compost from the likes of coffee grinds and fruit waste from the club, and so reduce and reuse our own organic waste within our ecosystem. This will help improve the soil of the pitches we play on, the water table, local wildlife and fauna. Our players and the geese will have a healthier play area.

Gerrit van Gelderen

Amuigh Faoin Spéir '’Out under the Sky’' is the name of the Club’s Greenspace Sustainability Charter - named after Gerrit van Gelderen, a Dutch artist, natural historian, filmmaker, and a resident of Sandyford before his passing in 1994. ‘Amuigh Faoin Spéir’ effectively introduced many Irish television viewers to the natural wildlife in our own country decades ago.

Photos courtesy of Finn van Gelderen


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